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Model: SWS03

Welding Curtain - 239 x 175 cm

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  • Large—239 x 175 cm welding curtain provides a large protective surface against sparks, radiance and metal spatter
  • Safe—special UV-resistant and flame retardant 0.4 mm-thick vinyl plastic
  • Heat-resistant—seams made of flame-retardant and heat-resistant premium threads
  • Simple—easy to attach using 28 practical eyelets
  • Protective—occupational and health safety during welding and related processes in accordance with EN ISO 25980


Maximum safety for when the sparks fly

There is an increased risk wherever sparks or glowing metal splinters fly during welding or grinding work. That's why neither professionals nor hobbyists should ever be without the professional welding curtain SWS03 from the professional tools line by the Stamos Welding Group.

Welding curtains protect from sparks and metal spatter

The 0.4 mm-thick, fire-resistant vinyl plastic welding curtain provides reliable protection from flames, blinding arcs and infrared and UV rays. The high-quality premium thread is particularly heat-resistant and flame retardant, so flying sparks and glowing metal spatter won't damage the seams. The welding screen also protects your workspace from wet, drafts, solar radiation and dirt, and, thanks to its 239 x 175 cm dimensions, can also serve as a room divider if needed.

The vinyl welding curtain complies with the DIN standard EN ISO 25980 for occupational health and safety during welding and related processes and can therefore be used as a professional protection measure. The weld curtain has 28 practical eyelets all around the edges with which you can easily attach the curtain using cable ties, hooks or a flame-resistant rope.

Buy a welding curtain today and get the ideal protection for heat-intensive metalwork—or as an alternative to the welding screen SWS04 from the Stamos Welding Group in our assortment. There you can also find other protective gear such as helmets, jackets, gloves or aprons for welders.