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Welding Set Combined Welder - TIG 220 A - MIG 220 A - E-Hand + Welding helmet – Carbonic - PROFESSIONAL SERIES

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  • 5 in 1 combined welder for repair and maintenance work
  • suitable for MIG/MAG, TIG DC, MMA Welding, Braze Welding and cored-wire light-arc welding
  • 220 ampere welding current
  • 230 volt connection
  • power ventilators for cooling
  • casing made from powder coated steel sheets



The Combined Welding Device S-MTM 220 by Stamos Power combines five different welding techniques. With this welder you can work in MIG/MAG, DC TIG, Electrode (MMA) and cored-wire light-arc welding. Additionally the device is equipped with the possibility for braze welding. High-alloyed steels and workpieces like aluminium, magnesium, nickel based materials and titan can be welded with the MIG method. The device can be steplessly regulated and reaches maximum 220 ampere.

Steel, stainless steel, brass, titan can be easily processed with the TIG method. Again, you can attain great welding results.

The combined welder S-MTM 220 by Stamos Power can also do MMA welding thanks to integrated commutators.

The cored-wire light-arc welding offers the bridge between electrode and MIG welding and is ideally suited for working on stainless steel because it effectively prevents the seams from tarnishing.

The integrated braze welding function is ideally suited for working on thin metals and is therefore especially popular in the automobile industry. Through the combination of all the different functions you receive an all-inclusive package that can be individually adjusted to all your needs. The device was made extremely robust and compact by Stamos Power and the fixed handle makes it the perfect tool for crafts workshops or construction sites.


Welding helmet

The Carbonic welding helmet by the Professional Series from Stamos Germany - the best choice for professional and hobby welders


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