Factory seconds Conveyor toaster - 2.200 Watt - 7 slices - 3 modes

Manufacturer: Royal Catering | item number: EX20010268 | Model: RCKT-1940

Durchlauftoaster - 2.200 Watt - 7 Stufen - 3 Modi - 1268 - 1
Durchlauftoaster - 2.200 Watt - 7 Stufen - 3 Modi - 1268 - 2
Durchlauftoaster - 2.200 Watt - 7 Stufen - 3 Modi - 1268 - 3
Durchlauftoaster - 2.200 Watt - 7 Stufen - 3 Modi - 1268 - 4
Durchlauftoaster - 2.200 Watt - 7 Stufen - 3 Modi - 1268 - 5
Durchlauftoaster - 2.200 Watt - 7 Stufen - 3 Modi - 1268 - 6
Durchlauftoaster - 2.200 Watt - 7 Stufen - 3 Modi - 1268 - 7
Durchlauftoaster - 2.200 Watt - 7 Stufen - 3 Modi - 1268 - 8
Durchlauftoaster - 2.200 Watt - 7 Stufen - 3 Modi - 1268 - 9
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Factory seconds

Our factory seconds are generally refurbished customer returns or former display items. The products may have cosmetic defects but are technically flawless. As usual, we provide the normal right of return and warranty.

Product highlights

  • Output: 2,200 W
  • Speeds: 7
  • Heat modes: 3
  • Up to 720 slices of toast/h
  • Stainless steel and aluminium

The belt of the conveyor toaster RCKT-1940 has seven different speed levels that allow you to toast your bread or other baked goods according to individual requirements. Level 1 is best for lighter breads, as the throughput speed is quite fast. With this level you can prepare up to 720 slices of toast per hour. The higher the level, the darker the toast, as the slices require more time to go through. At level 3 you will get up to 420 slices of medium-browned toast and at level 7 this model prepares 180 very crispy toasts.

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With the help of a switch you can choose between three different modes: the energy-saving stand-by mode, the "Buns" mode, in which only the top heat is switched on, or the "Bread" mode with top and bottom heat for faster heating and double-sided toasting of bread slices. The working output of 2,200 W always guarantees the best results for toasted baked goods. A built-in fan sufficient cooling of the appliance during use to protect the toaster from overheating even if it is used daily for several hours.

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The housing of the conveyor toaster is made of stainless steel and the interior is made of aluminium. This model has a removable drawer for easy cleaning. This drawer catches all crumbs during use and can be easy removed and washed after use.

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Four adjustable-height stainless steel feet ensure stability for the commerical toaster. The bread slices can be ejected either from the front of the machine via a bar or via an additional, attachable tray on the rear of the machine.

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  • Powerful—2,200 W toast between 180 and 720 slices of toast per hour
  • Variable—7 speeds ensure individual degree of toasting
  • Versatile—3 programmes for different baked goods, also ideal for burger buns
  • Flexible—adjustable thanks to front and rear output
  • Accessories—incl. height-adjustable feet and rack
  • content: 10 litres
  • Material Stainless steel
  • ease of operation and cleaning
  • power cord length: 1,3 m

Conveyor Toaster - 2,200 W - 7 speeds - 3 heating levels

The conveyor toaster RCKT-1940 from Royal Catering's takeaway equipment collection is ideally suited for preparing toast for brunch or self-service in restaurants, cafés, hotels and hostels, as well as for continuously preparing buns in burger restaurants. With seven speeds and three programmes, this conveyor toaster is highly versatile and up to even the toughest challenges.

Sausages and hot dogs inspire both the large and small hungry guests throughout the year. With the RCHW-1000 sausage warmer from Royal Catering, you can ensure that your snack, bistro or gas station is always supplying hot and crispy sausages and hot dogs.

The sausage warmer RCHW-1000 is the perfect solution to bring sausages or hot dogs to the desired serving temperature. The temperature of the sausage warmer can be adjusted by means of a knob control and can be adjusted in the range of 30 - 90 ° C and maintained thanks to the integrated thermostat. The temperature range of the sausage warmer can be adjusted by means of the rotary knob in the range of 30 - 90 ° C and kept thanks to the integrated thermostat.

The sausage warmer is heated by a 1000 W heating element which reaches the set temperatures very quickly. In order not to dilute the taste of the sausages, the heating material is placed on a steel insert and brought to the desired temperature via the heated water.

To ensure that the maximum content of 10 liters remains hot, two status lights indicate when the device is switched on (orange) and when the desired temperature has been reached (green). The RCHW-1000, with the exception of the control knob and the heat-resistant lid handle, is made entirely of stainless steel and is therefore extremely easy to clean.

Article number
Factory seconds
Input voltage
230 V
Capacity of the basin
10 litres
Stainless steel
Temperature range
30 - 90 °C
Hot air
Dimensions (LxWxH)
45 x 36,5 x 41 cm
14,57 kg
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH)
52 x 44,5 x 39,5 cm
Shipping weight
16,2 kg
Technical drawing
Delivery Package
  • Sausage warmer RCHW-1000
  • User manual

sehr hohe Leistung von 2.200 W bewältigt ein hohes Gästeaufkommen


720 Toasts pro Stunde


der professioneller Toaster ist ideal für Restaurants, Fast-Food-Bars, Hotels, Pensionen etc.

abnehmbare Auffangschublade erleichtert Reinigung

großer Drehknopf ermöglicht schnelle Auswahl zwischen den drei Toastfunktionen

Michał Orłowski
Kulinarischer Experte, Chefkoch renommierter Restaurants in Sydney und Warschau. Ein Profi, genau wie unsere Kunden.

Lüftungsöffnungen und ein eingebauter Ventilator schützen vor Überhitzung

BUNS-Modus zum Toasten mit Oberhitze


STANDBY-Modus zum energiesparenden Toasten


BREAD-Modus zum beidseitigen Toasten mit Ober- und Unterhitze


Durch häufiges Reinigen des Gerätes und regelmäßiges Entleeren der Schublade wird das Verkohlen von Krümeln, die einen unangenehmen Verbrennungsgeruch verursachen können, verhindert.

Die Brotscheiben sollten gleichmäßig in den Toaster gelegt werden, ohne dass sich die Scheiben überlappen. Dadurch wird vermieden, dass der Toast das Gerät blockiert.


dank der durchdachten Konstruktion ist der Toastvorgang sehr effizient


7 Geschwindigkeitsstufen ermöglichen es den Bräunungsgrad selbst zu bestimmen


Verwendung von Edelstahl und Aluminium verlängert die Lebensdauer des Geräts



I work with professional products every day. For this video, I made sure to test the device thoroughly. You can take a close look at how this product works and then decide which model is best for your business. I hope my video and tips will help to make your business even more successful.

Head chef of prestigious restaurants in Sydney and Warsaw. An experienced and professional restaurateur

How many toast slices can I prepare with this device?

Depending on how light or dark you want the toasts to be, you can prepare between 180 (very crisp) and 720 toasts (very light) per hour.

What material is the housing made of?

To ensure a long service life and easy cleaning of the device, the housing is made of stainless steel and aluminium.

Is this device also suited for burger buns?

Absolutely. There is even a separate "Buns" programme with which you can toast burner buns on one side.

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