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Model: RC-WC001

Factory second Hot Food Display - 54 cm - Royal Catering - 1,000 W - 3 racks

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  • Versatile – for displaying and keeping various dishes warm
  • Spacious – space for food on 3 shelves
  • Precise – exact and constant temperatures between 30 - 85 °C thanks to thermostat
  • Practical – smooth sliding door makes it easy to remove and add food
  • Easy to clean – stainless steel housing is easy to clean and durable


Versatile hot food display with 3 drawers

The hot food display from Royal Catering's catering supplies collection is ideal for keeping warm and presenting various dishes and meals. The hot food display offers your guests fresh and ready-to-eat food at the buffet in your hotel, café or restaurant.

Heated display case for perfectly tempered food

The interior of the display case has 3 shelves where you can present your goods. The shelves are spaced 9 cm apart and are inserted into rails which are integrated into the interior of the cabinet sides. If needed, the lower shelf can be moved to a lower slot so that food in taller containers can be accommodated in the display case. Each shelf offers ample space of 56.6 x 30 cm.

The interior of the hot display case has a temperature range between 30 - 85 °C with a fast and powerful heating element of 1,000 W. The convenient control panel allows you to set the temperature to your liking and is precisely maintained by the thermostat.

The rectangular shape of the hot food display cabinet offers extra space for your food compared to many sloped models. The case is made of sturdy stainless steel, with tempered glass covering the front and back. The front opens with two space-saving sliding glass doors to remove food or to refill the displays.

The hot food display is very easy to clean. The bottom of the case offers a collection drawer for leftover food. This can be easily removed from the outside for regular cleaning. Due to the smooth glass surfaces and the use of stainless steel for the case, no special cleaning agents are necessary.