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Model: RCKG- 3600-F

Factory second Double Contact Grill - smooth - 2 x 1,800 W

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  • Versatile—thanks to smooth grill surface
  • Powerful—two independent 1,800 W heating elements
  • Effective heating—simultaneous grilling thanks to two heating plates made of enamelled cast iron
  • Precise—thermostat with overheat protection can be set to between 30 and 300 °C
  • Durable—stainless steel and removable grease drip tray make cleaning easy
  • Large grill plates—21.4 x 21.4 cm each (top) and 48 x 23 cm (bottom)
  • Thermostat and overheat protection
  • Stainless steel drip tray
  • Surfaces are easy to clean and maintain
  • Clear status lights for maximum control


Double Contact Grill - smooth - 2 x 1,800 W

The double contact grill RCKG-3600-F from Royal Catering is a professional piece of cooking equipment designed for hotel restaurants, cafés, fast food restaurants and catering companies, as well as for private use. The flexible grill has a large double grill surface which is perfect for preparing grilled snacks like paninis, sandwiches, grilled vegetables or steaks and other meat specialities.

There is hardly an opportunity not to impress guests with your snacks prepared by the double contact grill RCKG-3600-F . Whether at the bar by the pool, catering event for a company party or in the bistro of your hotel, guest will be happy and impressed. Grilled snacks like Paninis or even steaks and other such meats impress with an irresistible taste, which is easy and simple to prepare.

The double contact Grill RCKG-3600 F Royal Catering offers more flexibility when preparing warm snacks in the kitchen. With the double-sided grill plates, you can heat up variety of different treats, which you can also prepare in parallel.

The grill plates made of cast iron with a smooth, enamelled surface are quickly brought to the desired temperature with two powerful heating elements of 1800W each. The energy-efficient cooking surfaces evenly distribute the heat from the top to the bottom of the grill. The enamel coating prevents sticking of the food to the grill plate.

The temperature of the two grill plates can be adjusted separately from 30 to 300 ° C. When the selected heat is reached, it is reliably maintained by the thermostat. With the double contact grill with two separate plates always heat precisely and quickly, with temperature maintained you, just need your food.

There are two status lights per grill plate for maximum control over the state of the appliance. The orange light indicates the achieved heat; a green light indicates whether the plate is on or off. In addition, the compact grill is equipped with a overheat protection which ensures safe operation of the appliance.

The grilling area provides an area of 48.5 to 23.5 cm, which is ample space to simultaneously prepare several small things. The two upper plates can be conveniently and securely open with a convenient handle and easily closed again. The anti-slip feet allow safe operation upon almost all work surfaces.

The drip tray, made from stainless steel absorbs excess oil and grease and can be removed when needed to be cleaned. Both the housing made of stainless steel and enameled grill plates are very easy to clean and also easy to maintain. Thanks to the compact design, the double contact grill can be conveniently transported to any event or location.

Give your guests the perfect treat of grilled snacks prepared by the RCKG-3600-F double contact grill.