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Item: EX10061690


Model: MSW-MOE-G-2.5

Outboard Motor - 3 hp

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  • Strong – 3 hp engine for powerful boat propulsion
  • Efficient – easily and quickly attached to the boat
  • Practical – 360° twist handle with lock
  • Long driving time – 1.3 L tank volume
  • Powerful – fast drive through 6500 rpm


The outboard from MSW for your boat!

If you own a boat and need a new drive or engine, the MSW-MOE-G-2.5 outboard motor from MSW is the perfect product for you! Absolute power, high-quality and durable material and long travel times. The outboard combines all the advantages of a flawless engine and looks great too!

Absolute power with the outboard motor!

The 4-stroke outboard motor has an engine output of 3 hp or 2,2 kW. A rotation speed of 6500 rpm and a displacement of 53.2 ccm ensure high performance and high speeds. Due to air cooling, the outboard motor can be operated for a long time without overheating.

A tank volume of 1.3 L ensures long driving pleasure. In the meantime, the engine can be operated with one hand in a relaxed manner. The engine is easy to steer thanks to the 360​​° twist grip with lock. The handle is 460 mm long and the engine is started manually.

Due to plastic and aluminium alloy, the boat engine is particularly high quality and durable. It has a modern look and enhances the look of your boat. The outboard motor is protected from theft by a security lock. It is also very easy to mount.


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Ben benieuwd hoe ver de acceleradius is van deze motor met een tankinhoud 1,3 en hoeveel decibel geluid dit leuke motortjes produceert. Wellicht is deze of de sterkere uitvoering geschikt voor onze lichte rondvaartbootjes. We horen graag. www.thebluewaters.nl