Item: EX10061506


Model: MSW-ARL-05

Aluminium Ramp - portable - 500 kg - 1,965 x 914 mm

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  • Resilient – holds up to 500 kg and can therefore be used in a variety of ways
  • Spacious – the 1,965 x 914 mm ramp is ideal for rubber wheels with a diameter of more than 20 cm
  • Mobile – suited for easy transportation thanks to its light weight, easy folding and castors
  • Safe – the aluminium ramp has an anti-rust coating
  • Durable – the ramp is made of robust Aluminium with connecting elements made of resilient Plastic (PE)


The portable aluminium ramp with up to 500 kg load capacity

The mobile aluminium ramp MSW-ARL-05 from 10062 can be quickly set up and folded up again in just a few steps. Despite the light weight, it can hold up to 500 kg and can therefore be used in a variety of ways – for example, as a wheelchair ramp, a loading ramp or as an access ramp for lawn mowers, motor scooters, etc. The ramp's dimensions of 1,965 x 914 mm make it ideal for rubber wheels measuring more than 20 cm in diameter and is an enormous relief in private households as well as in shops, surgeries or in the service sector.

Flexible accessibility with the aluminium wheelchair ramp

The Aluminium ramp is not only particularly lightweight, but is also waterproof and resistant to rust, which also makes it possible to use outdoors for long periods at a time and guarantees a long service life. However, the loading ramp's light weight, castors, and ability to fold compactly also make it the right choice for flexible temporary use.

The anti-rust coating makes using the ramp especially safe. However, in order to avoid damaging the coating, you should not use the ramp with hard types of wheels or sharp-edged objects. The diameter of the wheels should also be at least 20 cm.