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Model: S-LS-71

Soldering Station - digital - with soldering iron and holder - 150 W - LCD

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  • Versatile—ideal for repairing, testing, or maintaining electronic components
  • Powerful—efficient 150 W soldering iron enables soldering at a temperature of up to 450 °C
  • Simple—intuitive operation of iron and station with precise LCD display
  • Safe—robust and insulated housing (ESD safe)
  • Mobile—thanks to the compact design


Digital soldering station with intuitive operation

The digital soldering station S-LS-71 from Stamos Soldering's professional tools collection proves to be a modern tool wherever electronic components need to be processed, maintained or repaired. Thanks to its compact construction, this device is well-suited to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. The soldering iron station stands out for its intuitive and precise digital menu navigation, which you can use to adjust the temperature of the soldering iron to meet the exact specifications of a variety of tasks. For your safety, the adjustable soldering station is equipped with an ESD function which prevents electrostatic discharge and protects the electronic component being soldered.

Precise soldering technology with comprehensive accessories

The professional digital soldering iron station includes a digitally-controlled power supply with which you can regulate the powerful 150 W soldering iron. Due to the high performance and the four-core ceramic heating element, the soldering station reaches the target temperature within a few seconds.

You can set the temperature between 150 and 450 °C in 50 °C increments with a stability of ±2 °C using the control panel, and read it on the digital LCD display. The wide temperature range enables you to precisely solder a variety of materials as well as to create lead-free connections. The LCD display gives you an overview of the temperature values and enables you to re-select them as needed for future projects. You can change out the soldering tips on the soldering iron as needed for securely attaching or removing differently-shaped solder joints.

The compact soldering iron station with soldering iron is designed to be highly user-friendly and is ideal for intensive and continuous use. The soldering iron is ergonomic, lightweight and sits comfortably in the hand, making it ideal for filigree or lengthy work. A separate soldering iron holder with integrated dry sponge is also included in delivery. This means that the iron can be safely stored and cleaned during and after work—very good for the sensitive soldering tips in the long term. The power tool can also be used on the move thanks to the high-quality workmanship made of durable materials and the light weight.