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Model: MSW-CC-M-70

Car Cover - size M

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  • Gentle – soft non-woven fabric prevents scratches on the paint and reinforced antenna cladding increases protection
  • Compatible – safe coverage for cars from 431 - 508 cm in length
  • Precisely fitting – scratch-resistant eyelets and elastic bottom hem for attachment
  • Durable – UV-resistant and waterproof material
  • Accessories – includes a transport bag for space-saving storage


The car cover provides comprehensive protection

If your car is parked in the same place for a longer time, protect it from wind, weather and dirt with the car cover from MSW. It can be quickly pulled over the car body, fastened in no time and offers all the protection of a garage. The paint remains fresh and shiny, ready for your next road trip. Have a nice drive!

The paint remains shiny under MSW’s car cover

The car cover is made of a soft non-woven fabric with a material density of 70 g/m² that reliably keeps dirt and water away from your valuable car. Nevertheless, the fabric is soft enough to cover your paint not only safely, but also gently. The breathable material ensures that no moisture will form under the car tarpaulin. Likewise, the fabric is UV-resistant, a property that enhances its durability and prevents fading of the cover.

The car cover is designed for vehicles with a length of 431 - 508 cm. With scratch-resistant eyelets and an elastic bottom hem, the car protective cover can be attached around the car body in no time. A reinforcement for the antenna increases the protective effect of the waterproof car cover. This allows you to use the cover as a complete garage during summer and winter, so whenever you need to leave your car in one place for a longer period of time.

The weatherproof car cover is delivered in a practical transport bag. It is stored in a quick and space-saving manner. As a result, it can also be used while travelling or be stored away in the garage.