Item: EX10090205


Model: HT-WEDGE-100AP

LED grow light - Full spectrum - 100 W - 136 LED - Europlug - 6,000 lumens

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  • Universal – promotes the growth of plants from seed to complete flowering or harvesting
  • Luminosity – 136 LEDs with a lifetime of 50,000 h and an output of 100 W
  • Effective – Full spectrum (380 - 780 nm) for the optimised growth of all kinds of plants in all stages
  • Versatile – PPFD value of 903 µmol/m2/s is ideal for green plants as well as for flowering plants or for fruits and vegetables such as herbs, tomatoes, peppers, salads and much more
  • Simple – easy to mount thanks to included hanger


Sun all year round with the powerful LED grow light

Whether it's cloudy, raining or snowing outside, the sun shines for your plants year-round with the effective and environmentally-friendly LED grow lights HT-WEDGE-100AP from hillvert, your professionals for gardening supplies. The LED grow light with an output of 100 W and 136 LEDs emits an almost natural sunlight not only in commercial greenhouses but also for hobby growers in domestic cellars and garages.

Economical and effective! The plant grow light from hillvert's garden supplies selection

The broad light spectrum with wavelengths from 380 - 780 nm ensures optimal healthy plant growth and vital photosynthesis. The plants absorb over 95 % of the light and can utilise it from seed to full flowering or harvest. This balanced spectrum can significantly shorten the growth phase while maintaining or even increasing the yield. It is not even necessary to switch between the individual LED types during the different phases.

The built-in LEDs with a strong luminosity are very durable, with a lifetime of up to 50,000 h. Different plants require different PPFD values. With a photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) of 903 µmol/m2/sec this indoor grow light is perfect for all the stages of growth of smaller plants such as herbs (basil, rosemary) and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers), as well as for flowers, both in hydroponics and in soil.

The energy-saving plant light can be used wherever the sun does not shine or an additional light source is needed. The LEDs with a beam angle of 120° cover a generous area. You can easily hang the LED grow light above the plants or beds using the included sturdy hanger.