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Model: WIE-BK-60

Honey extractor - diagonal - electric - 4 combs

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  • practical - the honeycomb basket holds 4 honeycombs up to a maximum of 500 x 260 mm with an inner diameter of 47 cm
  • adjustable - the honey extractor works with a power of 140 W and offers 10 speed levels via which you can individually determine the spinning speed
  • Easy - clean filling of the honey due to the raised stand as well as via the drain tap
  • Stable - thanks to three sturdy iron legs, which also make filling easier
  • Hygienic – stainless steel honey extractor and basket frame


High-quality honey extractor made of stainless steel for 4 combs

The honey extractor is one of beekeeper's most important tools. The electric diagonal extractor from Wiesenfield beekeeping supplies holds 4 combs and is ideal for honey extraction on a small or private scale.

The electric diagonal spinner for efficient and fast honey harvesting

Diagonal extractors like the WIE-BK-60 model allow both easy honey flow and the extraction of larger combs. You process the harvest within a few spin cycles thanks to the capacity of 4 combs with a maximum size of 500 x 260 mm. The large diameter of the vessel (47 cm) generates sufficient centrifugal forces for the efficient extraction of the honey from the combs. The honey extractor 4 combs is operated electrically and with a power of 140 W. Thanks to the ten speed levels, you can individually determine the spinning speed; you can also flexibly determine the direction of rotation. An emergency button enables safe use.

The centrifuge body and honeycomb basket are made of high-quality stainless steel and meet the requirements of hygienic honey production. The material is also particularly durable and easy to clean after use. The stainless steel honey extractor stands slightly elevated on three sturdy iron legs, which makes it easier to fill the honey. A honey gate valve also enables you to empty the honey extractor cleanly and completely. The transparent acrylic lid allows you to see the spinning process at all times, giving you full control over your honey harvest.