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Model: WIE-SFE-1200

Electric Fence Energiser - 1.2 J - 15-20 km

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  • Wide reach – for pasture fences with a length of 15-20 km
  • Powerful – protection with a discharge energy of 1.2 J
  • Energy-efficient – integrated solar panel for electricity during the day
  • Durable – integrated battery with 6 V can be used for 21 days with one charge
  • Mobile – UV-resistant plastic casing and handle for easy moving


The reliable fence energiser for fences up to 15-20 km

A pasture fence holds grazing animals such as horses, cows, goats or sheep safely together in the meadow. With the WIE-SFE-1200 electric fence device from Wiesenfield, you can reliably energise fences. Your animals will graze where they should and strange animals won't disturb them. The reliable fence energiser is extremely durable and energy-efficient with an integrated battery and solar operation.

The solar fence energiser with 1.2 J discharge energy

The solar fence energiser has an integrated 6 V battery that reliably energizes fences with up to 1.2 J. In addition, a 140 x 160 mm solar panel is installed on the fence energiser, which supplies it with electricity when the sun is shining. The solar fence device can supply your fence with power for up to 21 days without interruption, until the battery has to be fully charged again. This minimizes the control times and your animals can stay on the meadow without worries.

The electric fence has an earth cable and a connection cable for energising the fence. Depending on the type and size of the animal, you need a peak voltage of 500 V (for chickens) up to 5,000 V (for cows). The fence energiser is designed for animals such as cows, sheep, donkeys, wild boars or pigs. The fence holds grazing animals securely together and prevents wild animals from entering when it is properly set up. The duration of the high-voltage impulses is set so that animals move back when they touch it, but won't injure themselves.

The casing of the solar fence energiser is made of UV-resistant plastic. The device itself is extremely easy-maintenance under steady environmental conditions. The battery has an intelligent battery control system that ensures safe operation. Protection against overcharging and discharging provides additional security. Due to its compact design and a handle, the fence energiser can be easily moved to fresh pastureland. The four warning signs included in the delivery prevent accidents.


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