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Ultrasonic Cleaner - 6.5 litres - 180 W

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  • Thorough—3 ultrasonic transducers with 180 W and an ultrasonic frequency of 40 kHz effectively dissolve contamination
  • Powerful—heating power of 300 W heating the cleaning liquid up to 80 °C
  • Spacious—large cleaning tank with a capacity of 6.5 L
  • Robust—low-maintenance stainless steel design with drain tap
  • Precise—cleaning time can be set to between 0 and 60 minutes with a timer




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3 years ago expondo customer

Everything satisfactory

Cleans well. The drain with the drain tap is practical and allows you to easily collect, filter and refill used cleaning liquid. And that heating and ultrasound can be timed separately.

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last year expondo customer

The product has no effect

I tried to clean a noble steel press filter from the residues stuck in the holes and the brown spots. After 2 x 1 hour cleaning in 80 degree soapy water, no changes could be seen on the object. Water was warm, a chirping sound came out, apparently it worked. I had to clean the tank before sending it back. The product is either defective or incorrectly constructed.

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Mindig segíteni és fejlődni szeretnénk, de ehhez szükségünk van az Ön támogatására, hogy ez a probléma a jövőben ne fordulhasson elő újra. 

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