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Popcorn machine - red - 1600W - stainless steel - tempered glass - Teflon

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Item: EX10010087


Model: RCPR-16E

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Key features
  • High-powered - due to 1,600 W for up to 5 kg of popcorn per hour
  • Incl. accessories - Delivery includes measuring spoon and shovel
  • Operative safety - Teflon coating, mixing system and overheat protection
  • Convenient - comfortable operation with interior lights
  • Easy to clean - Stainless steel construction and well thought out design
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9 months ago Posted on Expondo Germany

Small popcorn machine

with a lot of performance. The coating in the pot could be better, but the product is great for the price.

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7 months ago Posted on Expondo France


fast and compliant delivery

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7 months ago Posted on Expondo Germany

Small popcorn machine

which isn't that small. I was a bit surprised when the huge package arrived. A very good machine for the price. Let's see what time brings.

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4 years ago Posted on Amazon Italy

great product

as per description

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4 months ago Posted on Expondo Czech Republic

Super Popcorn

Perfect for the price Fast delivery 👍

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7 months ago Posted on Expondo Germany

Great machine

Really great device

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8 years ago Posted on Amazon Germany

Very nice...

Really a great machine...Fast delivery, easy to "set up" great result...Unfortunately the machine was a bit too big for us and "they" sent it back without any problems! Great recommendation!!!

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9 years ago Posted on Amazon Germany


We used the machine continuously for two days of 8 hours each and I have to say that the popcorn was very tasty. The machine makes great popcorn and is simply unbeatable for this price. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Except for the cleaning, you have to screw and disassemble a bit, but after 16 hours without a break it is more than acceptable.

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11 years ago Posted on Amazon Germany

Top Popcornmaker

If you want real popcorn that is actually coated with sugar, i.e. caramelized - and not just sprinkled with sugar, you should definitely use this machine. Real pop porn is made here and not just puffed ice cream with sugar sprinkles. Due to its dimensions, the device is only suitable for household use to a limited extent - but if you like to organize a movie night with friends at home, or have a handful of dwarves running around at home on a regular basis, or are planning to go to a children's birthday party more often, this machine is the perfect choice for you. In terms of weight, it's certainly not easy to tuck under your arm, but it's still easy to transport for two people. - So it's a good idea to put this machine on a sturdy table with wheels, then you can easily let it work next to the television and roll it back into the storage room at the end of the movie night. The machine is so big that you can't Burns your hands on the housing, as is the case with some other small machines when you try to remove the popcorn. In terms of workmanship, the machine is still worth the money - especially if you compare prices beforehand. However, if you want glass panes or value uniform gap dimensions, you will have to dig a lot deeper into your pockets and won't be happy with this device. The machine is very easy to clean, as pretty much everything can be disassembled without tools. However, the non-stick coating in the pot must be handled like raw eggs, this is a real - but also the only - weak point of the machine. The popcorn is produced very quickly by the machine, the loading volume is sufficient even for larger events and is powered by a lamp kept warm and crispy at the top and by a heating coil from below. Furthermore, the respective operating status of the machine can be controlled using three switches, light with heating coil, popcorn pot and stirrer in the popcorn pot, so that you can keep the popcorn warm in the machine for a long time without having to worry that the leftovers in the pot will burn So if you want real popcorn and sometimes need larger quantities, you will really enjoy this machine.

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7 years ago Posted on Amazon Germany


What a part! Seriously, I was a bit skeptical at first, especially since I immediately found shards of glass in the interior when I unpacked it. But these were apparently the residue of an accident during packaging. In any case, everything was and is intact and works great. I couldn't find any sharp edges. The only thing you should perhaps do is take a closer look at the holder of the pot and perhaps "bend" it a little; Because the pot once jumped out of its holder during the process and all the fat was distributed nicely across the slices. The reason was that the lid somehow got stuck when popping the popcorn, forcing the pot out of the holder. But that was a unique thing. The popcorn machine did its job perfectly and everyone loved the taste..."...better than in the cinema..." is just a statement!

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