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Item: EX10011582


Model: RCMR-1500P19T

Metal Storage Rack - 55 x 45 x 149.5 cm - 150 kg - black

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  • Spacious—with five shelves, this model provides plenty of storage space
  • Resilient—with a total weight capacity of 150 kg
  • Sturdy—thanks to selected materials and sophisticated construction, this product impresses with its high stability
  • Open—the open design enables access from all sides
  • Durable—the surface's epoxy finish guarantees a product with a long service life, even in humid conditions


Strong in damp conditions: The metal storage rack with epoxy coating

Designed for commercial, industrial or private use, the wire storage rack from Royal Catering's catering supplies not only offers plenty of storage space and stable footing, but also impresses with its particularly long service life—even in a damp environment.

Roomy and flexible stainless steel furniture in a timeless design

The spacious metal storage rack has five shelves measuring 55 x 45 cm and offers plenty of storage space. Each of the shelves can hold up to 30 kg, meaning the entire unit can hold up to 150 kg. The wire shelving rack's open design allows you to reach the stored wares from all sides. In addition, the distance between the shelves can be individually adjusted to different product heights.

The boltless metal shelving unit is just as stable as traditional bolted connections, while its load-bearing capacity is even greater. The frame consists of four round 150 cm-tall rods. Thanks to its adjustable feet, the wire shelving unit can even stand on uneven surfaces without wobbling.

The black metal storage rack has an elegant and protective epoxy finish. The properties of this surface treatment make this model ideal for use in both dry and humid environments. The material is resistant to corrosion and deposits. The smooth surface is also easy to clean and disinfect thanks to the open construction.

The boltless storage rack can be assembled in no time at all, from individual rack installation to complex rows of shelves. The assembly materials included in delivery make setting up the boltless shelf a breeze—without additional tools. The storage rack is extremely stable and sturdy without needing to be fastened to the wall.



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Überall, wo ein Holzregal zu viel Licht und Raum wegnimmt, eignet sich diese offene stabile Konstruktion bestens. Der Abstand der Metallgitter zueinander ist flexibel und sollte beim Aufbau bereits festgelegt werden.


Regal geht alleine recht leicht aufzubauen, steht stabil und ist gut belastbar.


Ich fand die Anleitung nicht sonderlich gut gemacht. Wenn man aber verstanden hat wie es egeht, dann ist es leicht das Regal aufzubauen. Ja, es ist stabil und schick!