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Model: RC-CMM282

Churro Maker - 5 L - Royal Catering - 2500 W

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  • Simple – churros made easy
  • Flexible – can be used for snack bars, food trucks or mobile stalls
  • High quality – highest gastronomy standard thanks to Stainless steel
  • Ergonomic – comfortable handle for easy operation
  • Practical – vertical design saves space on your work surface


The churro maker – a highlight at any food event!

Do you have a food truck, snack bar, bakery, or restaurant and want to offer something special and out of the ordinary? Then the churro maker RC-CMM282 from Royal Catering is the perfect choice for you! With the churro press, you can produce these extraordinary pastries in no time at all and in the highest quality! A delicious eye-catcher for every occasion, from food festivals to everyday gastronomy!

Tasty, easy, high-quality – the churro maker!

The churros machine is as simple to use as it is efficient. Up to 5 L of dough can be placed in the bowl. The dough is then pressed into shape using the ergonomic lever. The resulting churro dough roll can then be deep-fried. The cylinder has a diameter of 140 mm and a height of 320 mm. Delivery includes 5 different filling attachments.

Thanks to the ergonomic lever, using the commercial churros maker is extremely comfortable even on long working days. Made from Stainless steel, the churro maker not only meets the highest catering standards, but is also particularly durable and easy to clean. To increase security, the device has an additional reset button. The vertical design favors use in tight spaces, since hardly any counter space is required, making it ideal for food trucks or takeaways.