Item: EX10090495


Model: HT-MD-500B

Motorised wheelbarrow - on tracks - up to 500 kg - 6.7 kW

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  • Efficient – 950 x 680 x 465 mm tipping container with a load capacity of 500 kg
  • powerful - 6.7 kW petrol engine plus three forward gears and one reverse gear
  • Manoeuvrable – the direction of travel can be easily controlled using the handle and a track width of 180 mm for steep slopes or muddy surfaces
  • Versatile - ideal on construction sites or in the garden, e.g. for transporting excavated earth, rubble, stones and bulky materials or tools.
  • Durable – solid and resistant steel construction with a low-maintenance motor


Powerful motorised wheelbarrow with caterpillar drive and flexible tipping container

The motorised wheelbarrow from hillvert's high-quality handicraft supplies offers powerful performance combined with the best manoeuvrability and a generous tipping container. This makes the mini track dumper the ideal means of transport for excavating earth, rubble, stones and bulky materials or construction equipment with a total weight of up to 500 kg, both in gardening and landscaping as well as on construction sites.

Three gears forward and one back! The easily manoeuvrable track dumper from hillvert

The wheelbarrow with motor scores points above all for its simple control via handle. It's used to select one of the three gears or reverse gear, depending on the load and the ground. Thanks to a track width of the rubber tracks of 180 mm, you can move the wheelbarrow with motor confidently even on slopes of up to 15° or on muddy or sensitive surfaces. The powerful 6.7 kW 4-stroke engine provides you with uncompromising support.

The tipping container of the wheelbarrow with motor is particularly generously designed. Thanks to the side panels with a height of up to 46.5 cm and a loading area of 68 x 95 cm, it can easily accommodate even large quantities and objects. The 62° tilting tray allows you to unload bulk material quickly and with minimal effort with the help of a gas pressure spring. Last but not least, the track dumper convinces with a long service life. This is ensured by the solid and resistant steel construction in combination with a low-maintenance motor. For storage, the machine has a valve that you use to turn off the fuel supply.