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LED Aquarium Light - 78 LEDs - 18 W - 56 cm

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  • Balanced – uniform full-spectrum LED light for optimal plant growth in the aquarium
  • Visible – 78 LEDs, which operate at 18 W, illuminate the aquarium optimally
  • Flexible – mounts can be adjusted and adapted to the basin size
  • Durable – sturdy casing made of aluminium in subtle Black
  • Universal – suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums


For fish and plants: the aquarium hillvert lighting from hillvert

Whether your fish live in fresh water or sea water, the aquarium LED lighting HT-WEDGE-FT18W from hillvert lights up your aquarium! It not only makes the scales of the fish shine, but mostly improves the living conditions of the plants in the water basin and offers a natural habitat in which the marine animals can move around undisturbed.

The aquarium LED for optimal lighting conditions

The fish tank is optimally illuminated with 78 aquarium LEDs. For this purpose, the 56 cm long LED aquarium light just has to be mounted above the basin with two holders, which can be pulled out and adapted to the aquarium size. The black aluminium casing fits into any environment and is extremely low-maintenance. However, due to the protection class IP20, it should not come into contact with water.

For optimum light, the LED aquarium lighting consumes only 18 W, so that it can be used extremely cost-effectively. The full-spectrum LEDs in various colours offer balanced lighting conditions that promote plant growth and are geared to the needs of the fish. In a second mode, blue light can be used for night operation. With the 2 m long power cable and a DC adapter, the aquarium LED lighting can be conveniently connected to the power grid.

The aquarium lighting LED is not only the optimal lighting for your fish and the vegetable underwater world. It makes your aquarium in your restaurant, office or living room an impressive eye-catcher that will attract attention like magic, with questions like: Where are they swimming?



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