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Model: HT-WBA-130

Lawn Sweeper - for single axles HT-WB-900 - 1000 mm working width

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  • Well-suited – for the single-axle tractor HT-WB-900 (product number: 10090378) from hillvert and similar devices
  • Efficient – with a working width of 1000 mm you can quickly clean large areas of dirt or grit
  • Reliable – tight polypropylene brushes guarantee perfect results
  • Safe – curved guard prevents grit, dirt and leaves from being thrown upwards
  • Durable – robust brushes made of the resistant and dirt-repellent plastic polypropylene


Quick cleaning with the efficient lawn sweeper for single-axles

With the lawn sweeper for single-axle vehicles, you can quickly and thoroughly remove debris, leaves, sand, gravel or other dirt and even thin layers of snow from hillverted floors, paths and driveways! With its high efficiency, the leaf sweeper is not only a time-saving helper on the road; The sweeper for the single-axle tractor HT-WB-900 (10090378) with a working width of 1000 mm also guarantees efficient cleaning in workshops, warehouses and large rooms.

Long-lasting leaf sweeper for single axles from Hillvert

The broom for single axles has a brush diameter of 500 mm for thorough cleaning of various surfaces. The densely arranged bristles are made of the plastic polypropylene (PP), a material that is age-resistant and no sediment or encrustations can build up. The protective plate adapted to the brush makes the yard sweeper extremely safe to use. It reliably prevents stones or rolling grit from being thrown upwards, which minimises the risk of injury.

In addition to this broom, you will find even more accessories for the walk-behind tractor HT-WB-900 in the hillvert shop. Use the powerful single-axle mower, for example, to create or dig up beds with the garden tiller WBA-150 (item number 10090373) or for perfect lawn cutting with the sickle bar mower HT-WBA-110 (item number 10090366).