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Model: HT-WT-1000LN

Collapsible Rain Water Tank - 1000 l

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  • Flexible – whether you are in the garden, camping or on the road, the collapsible water storage tank is quick to set up
  • Durable – tear-resistant cover made of PVC 500D, rainwater opening with mesh filter
  • Stable – 10 rods hold the shape of the rainwater tank while the feet provide stability
  • Space-saving – can be easily stowed away when folded and transported in confined spaces
  • Practical – use the water tap at a watering can height and a deep drainage tap with 3/4" connection conveniently empties the entire rainwater barrel


The flexible rainwater tank for in the garden or on the road

Water is a precious commodity, use it! The rainwater tank provides you with a water storage tank with up to 1000 l, which you fill via the downpipe on your house. Or use the collapsible water storage tank when camping or on your allotment garden plot. Now it just needs to rain to fill your tank with water.

Use water from the garden water tank from hillvert

The garden water tank can be assembled in no time at all. The cover, made of tear-resistant PVC is stretched with the help of the plastic rods to give the barrel stability. For optimum stability, attach the feet under the poles. The cover is provided with a hole to direct the rainwater inside. Dirt or leaves do not end up in the tank thanks to its mesh filter.

For optimal water management, the rainwater collector offers you three drains that also use filters to keep the rainwater clean. Using the tap, you can conveniently fill your watering can with water. The drain tap at the bottom has a 3/4" connection that you can use for your garden hose. In heavy rain, the overflow tap protects the rainwater barrel.

All materials are extremely durable and designed for outdoor use. The PVC cover impresses with a 500D fabric. The material is also extremely flexible and can be folded into a smaller size for transport. You will find a range of rainwater downpipes from hillvert There are connecting pieces with drainage pipes to channel rainwater from the roof of your house into the rainwater tank. For large amounts of water, combine several water tanks together. Every drop counts!