Item: EX10250464


Model: UNI-WD-100

Water Distiller - water - 4 L - adjustable temperature

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  • Practical – clean, contaminant- and pollutant-free water in no time
  • Efficient – 4 L capacity, cleans 1 L water per hour
  • Durable – thanks to high-quality materials and reliable workmanship
  • Hygienic – interior wall of the distiller is made of stainless steel
  • Safe – thanks to automatic shut-off at water temperatures of over 160 °C
  • Adjustable – the temperature of the water can be set using a control knob


Pure water without contaminants with the water distiller from Uniprodo

With the water distiller UNI-WD-100 from Uniprodo, you can reliably remove salts, trace elements, microorganisms, drug residues, lime, lead, and other contaminants from your water. Water purified in this way is particularly suitable for cleaning, as the extracted ingredients make it easier to absorb dirt and prevent lime stains. Also, only distilled water should be used to fill electrical appliances such as irons. And finally, the distilled water is also good for drinking – some even swear by its purifying effect or the better taste of coffee or tea. The idea that distilled water is harmful to health has now been proven to be false information; however, it should not be drunk exclusively or in excess. Save yourself the dragging of heavy bottles and money at the same time, without having to give up purified water without pollutants.

Powerful home water distiller with generous volume

The distiller with an 820 W output and 4 L volume is highly efficient. The water distiller reliably removes contaminants and pollutants from up to 1 L of water per hour. The high-quality stainless steel interior wall ensures the highest standards of hygiene during the cleaning process. The distilled water collects in an elegant plastic carafe. Especially practical: You can intuitively adjust the temperature of the water using a control knob.

Thanks to the automatic shut-off at temperatures over 160 °C, the water distiller always operates safely and has a particularly long service life. This is additionally guaranteed by the high-quality workmanship. Choose the water distiller and enjoy pure water without contaminants or pollutants!