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Factory second Hanging Parasol - red - square - 250 x 250 cm - rotatable

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  • Umbrella made of durable polyester 180 g/m2 provides shade for many summers
  • 250 x 250 cm canopy casts a generous shadow
  • Reliable protection from UV rays with UPF 50+
  • Waterproof fabric repels rain and dirt
  • Clever, space-saving design with cantilever for easy setup and stability
  • Rotatable, making it easy to adjust for the current angle of the sun


Hanging Parasol - red - square - 250 x 250 cm - rotatable

The hanging umbrellas from Uniprodo's trade skill and garden equipment collections offer protection from the heat and UV radiations while relaxing on the terrace or in the garden in the summer. This stable and space-saving cantilever parasol will even keep you safe and dry even during a rain shower.

The square hanging parasol in red casts a generous shadow with its 250 x 250-centimetre canopy, reliably shielding guests from sunburn, heat and rain. Thanks to its timeless design, high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship, this spacious cantilever garden parasol is also an inviting eye-catcher.

In addition to a dry or cool place to rest, the waterproof cantilever umbrella offers reliable protection from harmful sunrays that can become a problem in high summer. With a UPF protection factor of 50+, the sun umbrella with lights shields you from 98 percent of UV rays. You can happily enjoy your food and drink under the shade of the outdoor umbrella with lights without having to spare a thought for the health of your skin.

The parasol can be quickly and individually adjusted to meet any weather situation with just a few motions. Thanks to its innovative rotation system, the cantilever garden umbrella can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the shaded area according to the sun's position. This is just as easy as opening and closing the parasol with the built-in hand crank.

The hanging parasol is an especially space-saving and cleverly-designed style of sunshade. The frame can be mounted directly to walls or next to tables, allowing the parasol to hang over the desired area as if on a fishing pole. This allows you to provide sun and heat protection even for tables without openings for sun umbrellas, while also not blocking your view or taking up space on the table. The hanging design also makes it easier to reach the crank and the rotation mechanism.

The terrace umbrella's tightly-woven polyester with a density of 180 g/m

The sun umbrella can be set up anywhere you like, as long as it's on a firm surface. There are holes in the steel cross base to allow you to secure the umbrella in your preferred location with a few screws. For even more stability and flexibility when setting up the parasol, look for expondo's matching umbrella base plates. The finial of the rotating hanging umbrella is equipped with a vent to prevent breezes from getting underneath the canopy and stale air from accumulating there.




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