Item: EX10200017


Model: TSRP+LCD15T-B1

Table Scale - calibrated - 15 kg / 5 g - LCD

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  • Calibrated, for a certified and precise weighing: 2 g (6 kg) - 5 g (15 kg)
  • LCD-display with large numbers and background lighting on the front
  • Enduring battery for up to 100 hours of operation
  • 21 x 28 cm stainless steel scaling surface
  • RS232 interface for data transfer to cash register or computer


Table scale - Calibrated - 15 kg / 5 g - LCD

The table scale can be used to get precise scaling results, which you can easily read on the LCD display on its front. The scale has been designed for a load of up to 15 kg with an accuracy of 5 g. It is ideal for grocery stores, pharmacies and markets, as well as any other place where the product weight needs to be checked quickly and clearly. The scale has already been calibrated and is thus approved for trade! The period of validity of the calibration is two years from the start of operation. The TEM range contains high-quality industrial supplies and precise scales for all areas of application.