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Model: SBS-LA-31

Stand Clamp - 260 mm

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  • Secure – PVC-coated clamp holds containers with a diameter of 0 to 70 mm 
  • Stable – chrome-plated zinc alloy construction
  • Variable – length of 260 mm can be shortened if needed
  • Low-maintenance – easy to use and maintain
  • Flexible – sleeve (not included in delivery) holds clamp at desired height and angle on the stand rod


The stand clamp for your laboratory equipment

Every laboratory needs a laboratory stand. The SBS-LA-31 stand clamps are like extra helping hands that ensure the necessary freedom of movement when carrying out experiments or series of measurements. In these cases, it is particularly important that the gripper arm be flexible. This makes the stand clamp the ideal laboratory accessory to complement your laboratory stand.

Flexible and secure – the stand clamp

The stand clamp has a span of 0 to 70 mm so it can grip most objects or containers used in a laboratory. The three gripping fingers are coated with PVC, which is impervious to chemicals and prevents slipping. The angled shape of the gripping arm is especially good for glass containers, whether test tubes or Erlenmeyer flasks.

With the help of a sleeve (not included in delivery), the lab clamp can be flexibly aligned, be it in height, angle or length. The lab stand clamp has a maximum length of 260 mm. Thanks to the material used, it is particularly resistant to liquids in the laboratory and extremely easy to clean. In addition, it impresses with its easy handling in laboratory operation.