Item: EX10030327


Model: SBS-BW-1T/0.5A

Floor Scale ECO - 1,000 kg / 0.5 kg - LCD

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  • Weighs large objects up to 1,000 kg with an accuracy of 500 g
  • Spacious weighing surface of 1 m x 1 m and 4 mm thick
  • Up to 10 hrs battery time thanks to energy-saver mode
  • Numerous functions including hold, tare, zero, parts counting, unit change and pack
  • Easily visible LCD display with backlight and 28 mm-tall numbers


Floor Scale ECO - 1,000 kg / 0.5 kg - LCD

The floor scale ECO SBS-BW-1T/0.5A from Steinberg can be put to use anywhere you need to weigh heavy objects without picking them up too far off the floor. With its 1,000 kg capacity and an accuracy to within 500 g, this scale is perfect for use in warehouses, wholesale trade, industry or in the trades. The floor scale comes already calibrated, so you don't need to make any additional adjustments and can start using it right away. Use it to easily weigh heavy boxes and products. Even very heavy warehouse objects sitting on the floor are easy to lift onto the scale and weigh.