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Model: SBS-EC-670

Endoscope Camera - 60 m - 42 LEDs - 9" display

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  • Perspective—9” TFT monitor for clear display with sun protection
  • Bright—42 LEDs ensure optimal visibility
  • Far-reaching—60 m cable enables astonishing ranges
  • Documented—video and audio recordings and pictures can be saved
  • Mobile—practical transport case for field use


The endoscope camera offers you a view even into long pipes

The reason for a clog or damage is often hidden deep in the pipe system. The endoscope camera from Steinberg Systems is the first choice so that you can get an impression of pipelines and inspect damaged areas in detail.

See the inside of the pipes on your screen with the sewer camera

The alloyed aluminium camera head is guided into the pipe with the help of a 60 m fibreglass cable. The endoscope snake camera is suited for use in drains measuring 70 to 300 mm in diameter; three differently sized guide stars adapt the camera to the pipe diameter. The cable is coiled on a stainless steel cable reel with a crank and brake. The camera head and cable are waterproof (IP68) and can therefore be used even in damp environments. In winding pipe systems the cable easily follows branches up to 90°.

The flexible camera head can be turned 90° and has a visual angle of 105°. 42 LED lights integrated into the camera head provide the necessary light. The high-quality sapphire lens is suited even for rough environments and delivers razor-sharp images on the LCD TFT monitor in 16:9 format. In addition, the 8x digital zoom and the independent image alignment show even the smallest details in the pipe. The camera is controlled via a base control unit, or you can use the supplied remote control.

In addition to easy viewing, you can also capture video recordings in MP4 format and images that will give you valuable information when analysing fractures or blockages. The endoscope inspection camera is equipped with an SD slot so that you can use SD cards up to 256 GB to store the images. An 8 GB SD card is included in delivery.

The drain camera is powered by a battery, so you can use it anywhere without an external power source. One battery charge is sufficient for 7 h of use, and the battery recharges in just 5 hours. The endoscope camera can be stowed in a sturdy waterproof plastic (ABS) case for mobile use.