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Model: SBS-AFM-300F

Edge strip for anti-fatigue mats - 975 x 72 mm - for anti-fatigue mat 10030772

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  • Precise – perfect for anti-fatigue mat 10030772
  • Safe – edge profile reduces tripping hazards and reliably prevents the mat from slipping
  • Simple – easy to install using the user-friendly click system
  • Flexible – plug-in system connects the individual modules to form the desired surface shape
  • Durable – high tensile strength, weather resistant and insensitive to external influences


The perfect finish for the anti-fatigue mat 10030772

Anti-fatigue mats ensure greater comfort when running, reduce fatigue at work or prevent slipping on wet surfaces. With the end strip for the anti-fatigue mat 10030772 from Steinberg Systems you can provide your anti-fatigue mats with a perfect edge that reliably conceals the connections in authorities, kindergartens, schools or universities, but also in workshops, factories or in damp workplaces. 

Durable finishing profile in elegant black

The finish for an elegant, black edge for a safe and comfortable floor covering. Due to its heavy quality, it prevents folded corners and the mat cannot slip on a wide variety of surfaces and does not become a trip hazard. The edge strip with the dimensions 97 x 7 x 2 cm is simply attached to the desired anti-fatigue mat edge using the intuitive click system and is just as easy to remove again if the mats are to be turned over or replaced. 

Made from a combination of natural rubber (NR), nitrile rubber (NBR) and recycled rubber, the finish is not only particularly sustainable, but also very durable and reliably provides more safety for many years. It is also weather-resistant and defies numerous other external influences. Nevertheless, the finish is easy to clean and maintain, so that the mat and the edge always leave a tidy impression.