Item: EX18000574


Model: SWG-MWH-S55-SET-2

Welding Magnet - set of 5 - 45/60/90/135° - 13/17/55 kg

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  • Variable – hold work pieces at angles of 45°, 60°, 90° and 135°
  • Practical – with 45° and 90° angle magnets, the magnetic force can be adjusted via a switch
  • Powerful – join metals with a holding force of 13, 17 and 55 kg
  • Durable – robust steel construction for a stable connection
  • Comfortable – facilitate many welding tasks and keep your hands free


Always have the right welding angle at hand

With the welding clamps from this set of Stamos Welding Group you ensure strong magnetic connections between two work pieces. Attach the magnetic brackets at different angles so that they securely hold metal parts for welding, soldering or professional assembly work. In this set of 5, you choose from three different models, one of which is activated with a switch.

The welding magnets hold your work pieces securely in position

Use the arrow-shaped design to align your work according to your requirements. The welding magnet with switch offers you positions at angles of 45 and 90° with a holding force of 55 kg. Two welding magnets allow you to make connections with angle dimensions of 60 and 90° and an adhesive force of 17 kg. You align the third model in angular positions of 45, 90 and 135°. With an adhesive force of 13 kg, it is also included twice in the set. With the variable welding magnet set you will find the optimal solution for numerous metal works.

The welding magnet with switch has the advantage that you only activate the magnet after you have already aligned the metal parts. This is much easier, especially with a strong adhesive force of 55 kg, when it is not yet on the work piece. You can release the magnet just as easily. Use all welding magnets for heavy metal components such as plates, pipes or similar, whereby the weight must not exceed the holding force. This way, you always have both hands free to concentrate on your metalwork.

The magnetic welding angles have been equipped with a solid steel casing which guarantees high durability and resilience. The robust steel work ensures continuous dimensional stability, so that the welding angles are fit perfectly even under pressure.