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Welder Set - 130 A - MIG/MAG - WIG Liftarc - MMA

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  • Flexible, for MIG/MAG, MMA and WIG welding
  • Comfortable digital panel with LED display
  • Incl. cable assembly with WIG torch for Liftarc ignition
  • Best welding results with Hot Start, Arc-Force and Anti-Stick
  • More safety in wet surroundings with VDR
  • Mobile, with a light and compact construction


Welder Set - 130 A - MIG/MAG - WIG Liftarc - MMA

The welder S-MULTI 130D by Stamos Selection can be used as a MIG/MAG welder as well as an electrode welder (MMA). With this set, you will also receive the Liftarc TIG torch 10020728, which you can use for WIG welding. The 3-component combination welder can be used for metalworking as well as repair and maintenance work. It is a versatile all-round device.

The welder is operated with a digital menu with a large LED display, including the potentiometer for a seamless regulation of the welding current between 10 and 130 amps. The clearly arranged switches allow you to easily switch between MIG/MAG welding, MMA welding and WIG welding and the VRD safety function.

For MIG / MAG welding, the welding torch is already integrated into the device so that you only need to connect the inert gas that you use during the welding. For MIG / MAG welding, the welding seam is protected with gas. The MIG uses inert gases and the MAG uses active gases.

MIG is used to weld materials such as magnesium, copper and other non-ferrous materials and their alloys. MAG is used for steel, structural steel and most of its alloys. Very good weld seams can be produced quickly and efficiently with different material thicknesses. The deformation of the materials is reduced to a minimum.

As an E-Hand welder, it can also be used in wet working environments such as excavations or sewers. Under these difficult working conditions, the VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) safety function reduces the open-circuit voltage, which automatically starts at the beginning of the welding and returns to the safe value at the end of the cycle.

The Hot-Start-function of the electrode welder procures an automatic and short-term increase of the welding current. Due to this “Hot Start”, the starting point is immediately heated to the optimal temperature and the electrodes do not clog. You get clean and stable welding results from the first.

The ARC FORCE and ANTI-STICK functions further optimise the welding result. ARC FORCE adjusts the arc to the material to be welded and the desired density of the weld. As a result, you get clean and durable weld seams.

The ANTI-STICK function prevents overheating and the electrode sticking to the welding material by switching off the welding current. You do not need any protective gas. The MMA welder can be used and will work at great precision, even in adverse circumstances, for example with strong winds. This welding method is suitable for iron, steel as well as its alloys, cast iron, nickel and copper alloy from 1.5 millimetres.

With the WIG welding torch with 4 m cable assembly (included in the set), this welder can also be used for WIG welding with Liftarc ignition.




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