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Model: S-MMA 120H

MMA Welder - 120 A - Duty Cycle 60 % - Arc Force - Hot Start - Anti-Stick

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  • Precise – Electrode welder with rotary control and LED display
  • Effective – welding current from 20 to 120 A and duty cycle from 60 %
  • Optimal – modern IGBT inverter for optimal welding parameters
  • Functions – clean welding results thanks to Hot Start, Arc Force and Anti-Stick
  • Mobile – easy to transport thanks to compact design and handle


The electrode welder is impressive for a wide range of welding work

Want a compact MMA welder that you can use in a variety of ways and that impresses you with features such as fast ignition, a stable arc and little welding spatter? Then pick up the handheld MMA welder from Stamos Germany! Thanks to the latest technologies and numerous functions, the electrode welder meets all common work requirements.

Effective & simple! Weld with the handheld electric welder from Stamos Germany

Use the electric hand welder for electrodes with a diameter of 1.6 to 3.2 mm and achieve the best welding results thanks to Hot Start, Arc Force and Anti-Stick. Hot Start briefly increases the welding current at the start of welding and you get optimum welds right from the start. With Arc Force you weld with a more stable arc and Anti-Stick prevents the electrode from sticking. This way you always achieve clean welding results without excessive slagging and splattering.

To ensure that all welding parameters are implemented effectively, the MMA welder uses the latest IGBT inverter technology. You can set the welding current precisely between 20 and 120 A via a rotary control, the value of which you can check at any time with the aid of the LED display. With a welding current of less than A, you can weld without interruption with a duty cycle of 60 %. And if things get too hot during welding, the overheating protection ensures safety.

The robust electrode welder is extremely compact, you can transport it comfortably with one handle. Whether you use it for metals such as steel, iron, copper, cast iron, nickel or copper alloys, it shows its excellent properties in every task, even outdoors. Use the electric hand welder for perfect welding work of up to 3 mm thick in workshops, for repair work, in production or in the locksmith's trade. In every field of application, the versatile MMA welder will convince you with it's flawless results.