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Model: SWG-EMP 50S300

Hand magnetic lifter - 50 kg

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  • powerful - securely holds metal parts up to a weight of 50 kg with an adhesive force of 284 kg
  • Effective - powerful, electric magnet is powered by a high-quality rechargeable battery
  • Simple - magnet is activated and deactivated via two buttons
  • easy to grip - large, insulated handle allows a firm grip of the item even when hot
  • Variable - design of the receiving surface is suitable for flat as well as round metals


Hold metals securely with the handheld magnetic lifter from Stamos Germany

With the hand-held magnetic lifter, you always have a firm grip on metal plates or pipes. To do this, simply activate the magnet, which is powered by a powerful rechargeable battery. Use the magnetic gripper to lift, position or move metal pieces. It fits securely in your hand, is protected from heat and makes your work easier in a simple way!

The magnetic hand lifter convinces through simple operation

The magnet of the hand lift with a lifting capacity of 50 kg is easily activated by a push button. This will give you a secure connection to the piece of metal you want to move. The support surface with the dimensions 8,75 x 5,5 cm is designed so that you can use it for both smooth and curved surfaces. Thanks to the high holding force of 284 kg, lifting and moving the metal piece is particularly safe. To release the hand magnet lifter again, deactivate it with a second button.

You operate the handheld magnetic lifter with a powerful rechargeable battery. For your safety, check the charge level on the display integrated in the handle. If it is too low, the indicator flashes and you recharge the battery with the supplied power supply unit. 

The compact as well as lightweight design of the handgrip allows you to handle it easily even in confined spaces. Thanks to the heat-insulated handle, you can also move hot pieces of metal safely - for example after plasma cutting or welding. But the magnetic gripper also makes access to pointed objects safer. No matter how you use it: You will appreciate the hand magnet lifter as an indispensable helper in your workshop or on the construction site!