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Model: RCPP-1811

Potato Peeling Machine - 28 L - timer - up to 500 kg/hr

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  • Spacious—suited for large restaurants, catering businesses or the food industry thanks to 28 L container
  • Powerful—1,100 W motor peels 240 - 500 kg/hr of potatoes
  • Programmable—automatic 0 - 5 min timer with shut-off
  • Fast—one load of 18 kg potatoes peeled in just 2 to 3 minutes
  • Gentle—gentle peeling method hardly damages potatoes
  • Easy-care—easy-to-clean materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and plastic


Peel potatoes and other root vegetables in record time with the potato peeling machine

Peel an unbelievable 18 kg of potatoes in just 2 to 3 minutes? What no hobby cook or head chef can even dream of is child's play for the electric potato peeling machine. This indispensable kitchen helper is a must-have in any restaurant, industrial kitchen or catering business. Accelerate the work processes in your culinary establishment and add this effective commercial potato peeler to your commercial kitchen equipment.

The strapping potato peeling machine from Royal Catering's catering equipment collection

The coated abrasive disc made of durable, flavour-neutral stainless steel can remove the peels from up to 500 kg/hr of potatoes or other root vegetables thanks to the 1,100 W motor. And all this while maintaining the same precise thickness of the peel. The water supplied via a connected water hose cleans the vegetables. The enormous 28 L capacity means you don't need to be constantly adding more potatoes in order to have enough for salad, a tasty casserole or crispy fried potatoes.

The electric potato peeler can be intuitively switched on or off using the few buttons on the clearly-laid-out control panel. The practical timer function allows you to program a peeling time from 0 to 5 min, after which the machine shuts off automatically. The transparent and air-tight unbreakable plastic lid enables you to keep an eye on the peeling progress inside. You can remove the fully-peeled potatoes by pressing the emptying button and opening the discharge chute. You can attach a sieve to the bottom of the housing of the potato rumbler to separate the peelings. All processed materials such as stainless steel, aluminium alloy and plastic are hygienic and easy to clean.

The air vents in the potato peeler machine's housing prevent the motor from overheating. Other safety mechanisms include: You can manual stop the peeling process at any time using the emergency stop button. Meanwhile, the built-in circuit breaker automatically shuts down the device if the lid or flap of the ejection chute is opened during operation. The four feet dampen vibrations and ensure stability. The electric potato peeler can also be firmly screwed to the floor thanks to the pre-drilled holes in two of the feet.