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Model: RCWW 4

Laundry Cart - 300 L - Royal Catering

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  • Spacious – 300 L capacity for laundry
  • Robust – removable bag made of tear-proof plastic (PVC) and frame made of durable stainless steel
  • Mobile – 4 smooth-running castors for easy manoeuvring
  • Practical – conical shape for easy filling and effortless manoeuvring
  • Non-slip – bag perfectly fastened with 10 buckles


The spacious laundry trolley with removable laundry bag made of plastic (PVC)

The laundry trolley RCWW 4 from Royal Catering is ideal for hotels, guest houses, care facilities or hospitals and anywhere where large quantities of dirty laundry are produced. You can transport tablecloths, duvet covers and items of clothing safely and effortlessly in the laundry bag made of durable plastic (PVC). 

Robust laundry cart for large loads

With a capacity of a whopping 300 L, the generous laundry cart holds large quantities of dirty laundry. This shortens your commute when collecting sheets, towels, etc. The bag has a comfortable working height of 80 cm and a wide opening of 91 x 65 cm. This makes it easier for you to fill it with large items of laundry. The trolley has a narrowing shape which tapers towards the bottom. This means that the trolley remains agile and manoeuvrable even with a full bag. This shape also makes it easier to remove the filled laundry bag. 

The laundry bag itself is made of tear-resistant plastic (PVC) and is designed for long-term use. The resilient material is easy to clean and retains its shape even with a heavy load. The bag is securely attached to the frame with 10 buckles and can be removed in a few simple steps. This means that the wheeled laundry cart can be quickly emptied, reloaded and used again.

4 smooth-running castors ensure effortless and quiet handling so that your guests remain undisturbed. The castors are also abrasion-resistant, preventing streaks and marks on the floor. The robust stainless steel frame gives the manoeuvrable laundry bin high impact resistance and durability – without squeaking or rattling. Whether in boarding houses, hotels or care facilities – with the robust linen trolley from Royal Catering you can reliably and durably transport laundry and ensure a smooth workflow. 


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