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Model: RCWP-12L

Juice Press - stainless steel/iron - 12 l - incl. 5 muslin cloths - Royal Catering

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  • Spacious – with a capacity of 12 l, a large amount of fruit can be pressed in one use.
  • Durable – thanks to the robust stainless steel and iron construction
  • Hygienic – the spout at the bottom allows the juice to drain neatly into a container (not included)
  • Practical – for better support you can mount the fruit press
  • Simple – assembly is intuitive, it is a breeze to use without electricity, and cleaning after use is effortless because of the stainless steel


Make your own juices and wines with the manual stainless steel juice press

The fruit press from Royal Catering's catering supplies is ideal if you want to juice large quantities of fruit with little effort. The manual juicer is suitable for apples, grapes, berries and other fruit. Thanks to its large capacity despite its small dimensions, the fruit press is the ideal solution both for the professional sector and for juice and wine production in private households.

Traditional fruit presses in a modern stainless steel design

Traditionally made of wood and iron, the fruit basket of this fruit press is made of stainless steel for durability and hygiene. However, the way the apple press works is the same as 100 years ago: Due to the spindle design, you generate a very high pressure with little effort and press the juice completely out of the fruit. With a capacity of 12 l, you can fill the fruit and wine press with a large amount of fruit and juice it in one step. The base has a spout so that you can fill the fruit juice directly without loss.

Thanks to the sturdy iron base - which has holes for screwing it to a solid surface for even more grip - you pull the lever powerfully and efficiently to extract the maximum amount of juice from the fruit you have filled it with. The manual juicer is also ideal for use outdoors or wherever a power connection is difficult to reach or not available at all.

Note: For ideal results, use an appropriately sized pressing cloth. 5 matching cloths are already included in the delivery. To effortlessly chop the fruit before pressing, we recommend a fruit crusher from our range.