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Model: RCSD-4

Juice Dispenser - 3 L - cooling system - for glasses up to 198 mm - with LED lighting - silver - Royal Catering

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  • Generous – large 3 l capacity juice dispenser .
  • Classic – leak-proof cooling insert prevents drinks from being watered down.
  • Clear – transparent plastic container and LED lighting present the contents in an appealing way.
  • Simple – smooth-running tap for precise portioning .
  • Flexible – for glasses and cups with a maximum height of 198 mm


Effectively chill drinks in the practical juice dispenser with LED lighting

Fancy serving cold drinks such as water, iced tea, milk or fruit juice buffet-style? Then the high-quality juice dispenser with LED lighting from Royal Catering is a must- have! Whether at the hotel breakfast buffet, in the restaurant or at your next garden party: present your refreshments effectively in this 3 l, illuminated, cooling dispenser.

Stylish beverage dispenser from Royal Catering's catering equipment collection

The drink dispenser comes with a tap and is made of durable materials. Best of all they have a neutral taste and will not effect the flavour of your beverages. The cylindrical container has a diameter of 158 mm and sits securely in a resistant, easy to clean frame (ABS). Your guests can see exactly what refreshment is being served through the transparent material, ; and you as the host can see when refills are needed. You can easily lift the lid and top up without spilling.

The leak-proof cooling insert is filled with ice cubes and ensures that the drinks on offer are cooled evenly without being watered down by melting ice. Allow your guests to take pure enjoyment in their cold drinks. The maximum height of the cups that fit under the tap of the drink dispenser is 198 mm which corresponds to most common glass sizes. 

Thanks to the smooth-running tap, even children can effortlessly fill their juice or iced tea at the beverage dispenser, leaving a lasting impression on your guests. The tap's high outflow speed will make long queues for drinks a thing of the past. The cooling juice dispenser is a real asset to any event.

Note: Two LR44 batteries are required to use the LED lighting. These are not included in the delivery contents.