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Model: RCTP25

Isothermal Container 25 L

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  • for keeping food and beverages warm during transport
  • meets the highest gastronomy standards
  • double walled and insulated / a removable cover with a venting valve
  • stackable and easy to combine with other containers from the same product line / 25 L capacity
  • ergonomic drop handles / rubberised non-slip container bottom
  • simple maintenance and cleaning / high-quality brushed stainless steel


The Isothermal Container RCTP25 from Royal Catering guarantees a safe and easy transport of hot and cold food and beverages. This Isothermal Container is specially designed for sophisticated gastronomy companies such as restaurants and hotels, as well as large kitchens, butteries or catering services. If you appreciate functional, durable and well-designed kitchen devices, this 25-litre double walled insulated and stackable isothermal container is definitely the right choice for your kitchen crew.

The RCTP25 has a capacity of 25 litres. Both the container and its bottom are made of heat-proof, double walled stainless steel. Between the two stainless steel walls there's a 15 mm thick thermal barrier coating. The double walled insulation keeps the food and beverages warm for six to eight hours.

The removable cover made of stainless steel also has the double walled insulation, which is why the food and beverages stay warm for a longer time. There are six tension locks that make the device easy to use. The abrasion-proof and long-lasting silicon gasket ring that's incorporated in the cover keeps the isothermal container air-tight during transport.

Furthermore, the cover has a vent valve, which helps the container let out the steam pressure during transport. In order to make it as safe as possible, the vent valve has been designed so that it could only be activated by using the lid handle. The filling opening of the container is as wide as possible in order to make operating and cleaning easy and quick.

The container has two ergonomic drop handles that additionally simplify the transport. The bottom of the container is covered by a flexible plastic ring. This way you can make sure that your container will stand stable on a smooth surface, which will keep it from damaging. As covers and plastic rings slot perfectly into each other, it's easy to stack more containers together.

The first-class brushed stainless steel of the RCTP25 is perfect for keeping the device clean. The surface of the container is resistant to rust, water stains, corrosion and food leftovers. In the Isothermal Container the food keeps its original taste and smell. The high-quality materials also make the container easier to clean and maintain.

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