Item: EX10012819


Model: RCIC-80FI

Ice Maker Machine - 80 kg/24 h - 55 kg capacity - 470 W - Stainless steel - Royal Catering

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  • Fast – with an ice cube production of 80 kg/24 h
  • Practical – incl. ice cube scoop and an ice cube tray with a capacity of 55 kg
  • Simple – the unit works intuitively and is controlled by a few buttons
  • Durable – stainless steel offers high resistance to external influences and corrosion
  • Clever – side ventilation and venting on the back prevent direct release of hot air into the kitchen or guest room


The professional ice cube machine for cocktails, iced espresso and cold soft drinks

With the Royal Catering ice cube machine, you'll never run out of chilled drinks. The professional appliance has a powerful output of 470 W making an ice cube quantity of 80 kg/24 h. Made entirely of stainless steel, the ice maker is impressive in bars, restaurants and everywhere where chilled refreshments are indispensable.

Spacious ice maker from the catering supplies of Royal Catering

With its high performance values, the ice cube machine is fast and efficient for professional use. It also scores well with its high capacity of 55 kg and intuitive operation. For this purpose, the ice cube maker has a clearly arranged control panel. A scoop for removing and portioning the ice-cold result can be found in the delivery.

Made of stylish stainless steel, the ice maker is not only a visual highlight. The material is impressive with its insensitivity to external influences as well as a high resistance to corrosion and will ultimately convince you with its hygienic properties. The ice cube maker is cleverly designed: the side ventilation, in combination with the vent on the back of the appliance, ensures a pleasant room climate in the kitchen, behind the bar or in your guest room. The special design prevents the heated air from being released directly into the environment. With 62 dB, the ice maker works pleasantly quietly.


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