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Model: RCWP-12LW

Fruit Press - manual - wooden - 12 L - incl. wooden blocks, pressure plate and pressing cloth

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  • Spacious—with 12 L capacity, you can press a large quantity of fruit in a single cycle
  • Durable—thanks to robust wood and iron construction
  • Simple—the spout in the bottom enables the juice to flow neatly into a container (not included)
  • Practical—you can screw down the feet of the fruit press for improved stability
  • Accessories—with two blocks, two half discs and pressing cloth, the fruit press is ready for immediate use


Make your own juices and wines with the manual wooden fruit press

The fruit press RCWP-12LW from Royal Catering's catering equipment selection is ideal for extracting the juice from large quantities of fruit with minimal effort. The fruit press is manually operated and is perfect for apples, grapes, berries and other fruits. Thanks to its large capacity despite its smaller dimensions, the fruit press is suited for use in both the professional domain as well as for making juice and wine at home.

Traditional cider presses with the necessary accessories

The traditional wood and iron apple press is particularly robust. The spindle construction allows you to generate very high pressure with little effort to press the juice completely out of the fruit. The 12 L wine press enables you to extract the juice from a large amount of fruit in one step. The conical floor has a spout to allow the fruit juice to flow directly into a collecting vessel (not included) without loss.

The construction and use of this wooden wine press follows the traditional method of extracting juices and is very simple: First, lay the included pressing cloth in the fruit container and then fill the container with fruit up to approx. 3 cm below the rim. Next, place the two half pressure plates around the spindle and, on top of them, the spacer blocks and pressure block. Finally, increase the pressure manually using the lever and press the juice out of the fruit. Thanks to the stable feet—which have holes for screwing to a solid base for even more support—you can tighten the lever powerfully and efficiently to produce the maximum amount of juice. Since the wooden fruit press is operated manually, it is also ideal for outdoor use or wherever a power connection is difficult to reach or not available.