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Model: RCDA-15S

Food Dehydrator - 500 W - Royal Catering - 6 trays

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  • Powerful – ideal for drying thanks to 500 W heating element
  • Low-maintenance – thanks to the use of Stainless steel for the unit and the inserts
  • Adjustable – with a temperature range of 30 - 90 °C
  • Precise – regulated operation due to 0 - 15 h adjustable timer
  • Practical – 6 removable drying trays


The powerful food dehydrator from Royal Catering's catering equipment line

The powerful food dehydrator RCDA-15S from Royal Catering enables you to make healthy dried treats for your restaurant, bar or even at home. The removal of water during the drying process ensures that fruits, vegetables and herbs as well as fish and meat can be kept and eaten much longer.

Beef jerky or dried vegetable slices?

With an output of 500 W, the food dehydrator's heating element ensures that the desired temperature for the dehydration process is reached as quickly as possible and kept constant thanks to the temperature control system. The temperature range of the food dehydrator can be set from 30 - 90 °C.

The temperature and timer can be intuitively and easily adjusted via dials on the top of the device. The controllers can be used to monitor and control the drying process over a period of 0 - 15 h. There is a label on the front with temperatures and times for optimal results.

In the dehydration chamber, the 6 removable stainless steel drying shelves provide enough space to dehydrate a large amount of food at the same time. The heat of the dehydration chamber is evenly distributed throughout the interior of the dehydrator machine. This makes the stainless steel dehydrator also suitable for refreshing food.

The chamber, housing and inserts are made of Stainless steel and are therefore easy to clean and highly durable. The tempered glass front allows you to view the drying process at any time without having to open the door.