Our factory seconds are generally refurbished customer returns or former display items. The products may have cosmetic defects but are technically flawless. As usual, we provide the normal right of return and warranty.

Item: EX20011486


Model: RCDM-3K

Factory second Doughnut Machine - 3,000 W - 6 L

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  • Efficient—produces up to 900 doughnuts per hour
  • Versatile—three different doughnut sizes: small (⌀ 4-5 cm), medium(⌀ 6-7 cm) and large (⌀ 8-9 cm).
  • Simple—a drain tap makes emptying the oil a breeze
  • Safe—the overheat protection automatically shuts off the device if the temperature gets too high
  • Stainless steel—perfect for the restaurant trade, easy to clean and maintain


Fully automatic doughnut machine with three attachments

With the professional doughnut machine from Royal Catering, you can make large quantities of fresh, hot pastries in no time at all. Whether in bakeries, supermarkets, or doughnut shops, the scent of warm doughnuts will entice customers, and the delicious pastries will make regulars out of them.

Powerful and fully automatic baking device for your business

The doughnut maker produces up to 900 doughnuts per hour and is a professional appliance that rapidly pays itself off. With an output of 3,000 W and a maximum temperature of 200 °C, the automatic doughnut machine works efficiently and reliably. Thanks to a special attachment, the machine can automatically make three different sizes of doughnuts, from small (4 to 5 cm in diameter) to medium (6 to 7 cm in diameter) to large (8 to 9 cm). The machine processes up to 6 L of batter in one pass: The preshaped raw doughnuts are dropped directly from the batter hopper into the oil, automatically flipped and collected in a collecting basin (not included). You can then garnish the sweet pastries with powdered sugar or glazes, or cut them in half and fill them.

The doughnut making machine's housing is made of stainless steel, which is highly hygienic and easy to clean. A drain tap enables you to quickly remove the old oil from the basin for uncomplicated cleaning. The overheat protection automatically shuts off the device if the temperature gets too high, thus ensuring safe operation. The doughnut robot is very secure and stable even on uneven surfaces thanks to the adjustable feet.



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