Item: EX10010148


Model: RCCD-1/1-100-ES-E

Chafing Dish - 1600 W - GN 1/1 container - 100 mm

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  • Versatile – ideal for heating up various delicate foods thanks to five temperature levels
  • Powerful – 1,600 W power enables rapid heating to operating temperature
  • Spacious – stainless steel GN 1/1 containers with 13 L capacity provide plenty of space to serve dishes attractively
  • Easy to use – clearly visible light informs about the heating status of the appliance
  • Cost efficient – saves energy thanks to automatic thermostat


Electric chafing dish is ideal for buffets

The chafing dish RCCD-1/1-100-ES-E with its high power and a volume of 13 L ensures perfectly presented hot food. With a temperature range of 30 - 90 °C, it can easily keep dishes hot for long periods at parties, buffets, or at brunch. Whether in restaurants and hotels or in clinics and retirement homes – with this chafing dish from Royal Catering's catering supplies range, you get a high-quality warming container for serving your food.

The electric chafing dish has an output of 1,600 W and provides the perfect heat for a wide variety of dishes thanks to temperatures of 30 - 90 °C. The water bath reliably and gently transfers the heat to the food without burning it. This enables you to keep even delicate dishes hot for long periods of time without any problems. The heating element is also securely installed so that limescale cannot harm it. 

The thermostat has five levels, with maximum appliance output at level 5. The indicator light lights up when the device begins the heating process. Once the buffet dish reaches the desired temperature, the device stops heating and the indicator light turns off. If the water bath cools down, the chafing dish turns back on automatically until it reaches the desired temperature again. This not only save you having to monitor the temperature, but also saves energy costs.

The GN container for the chafing dish is removable to make filling it with food easier. In addition, this makes the insert easy to clean in the dishwasher.. The GN 1/1 container is 100 mm deep and has a capacity of 13 L, making the electric bain marie the ideal accessory even for large events. In addition to the included insert, the chafing dish can also be used with multiple others – for example, two GN 1/2 containers of the same depth – so that you can serve different dishes separately.

The housing and GN container of the chafing dish are made of high quality stainless steel which is easy to clean and robust, as well as being ideally suited for working with food. The material is resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage such as scratches. The container is also easy to clean, making it perfect for working hygienically.