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Model: PHY-LM-4

Leg Model - Leg Muscles - Coloured

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  • precise - accurate 3D model of a human leg
  • clearly visible - coloured medical model clearly showing the muscle structure of the upper and lower leg as well as parts of the pelvis and foot
  • flexible - individual parts can be removed for detailed examination
  • universal - ideal as a teaching, decoration or exhibition object
  • mobile - can be effortlessly taken to a lecture hall, classroom, etc.


The detailed leg model with the anatomy of the leg muscles

The life-sized 3D model of a leg PHY-LM-4 from the medical supplies by physa has everything that a realistic replica of leg muscles requires: All the details have been precisely shaped and carefully coloured to be anatomically correct. It is the ideal model for visualisation and exercises in medical practices, hospitals, schools and universities.

The educational lumbar vertebra model with slipped disc for school, university and medical practice

The scale of the leg model corresponds to the human dimensions. The muscle areas from the pelvis to the foot have been designed to be detailed and realistic. Individual elements of the muscle can be removed and examined in more detail. In addition to the tailor muscle (Sartorius), the biceps femoris, gluteus maximus, gracilis, semitendinosus, semimembranosus, rectus femoris and tensor fasciae latae muscles can be removed for the examination of the thigh anatomy. The lower leg anatomy is represented in detail by the removable muscle soleus, gastrocnemius and extensor digitorum longus. In addition, the sole of the foot can be separated from the model for a closer look.

The enlarged scale makes it possible to explain important relationships and functions of the human leg. The model of the leg muscles anatomy is placed on a stable and elegant pedestal, the leg is additionally securely fixed with a tripod. Since the model makes the structure of the leg easier to understand, it should not be missing from any orthopaedic practice!

As with all high-quality anatomical models from physa, the following also applies here: Important functions can be explained in a comprehensible way with this lifelike 3D model. The lifelike visualization of this study object promotes understanding and helps with the learning process, as the three-dimensional model allows for precise analyses of the individual muscles of a leg.

It has been made from special, lightweight plastic for a particularly realistic shaping of the thigh and lower leg anatomy. The particularly robust workmanship of the low-maintenance model highlights the quality of its construction.