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Model: MSW-WL1000

Woodworking Lathe - 400 W - 1010 mm

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  • High-powered 400 watts engine and robust casing
  • Adjustable rotation speed from 872 and 2.508 r/min
  • Easily adjustable tailstock
  • Flexible tool table
  • Clamping disk with a 114 mm diameter
  • Safe operation with a restart protection


Woodworking Lathe - 400 W - 1010 mm

The woodworking lathe MSW-WL1010 by MSW is the ideal tool for processing wooden workpieces with a length of up to 101 centimetres. Axisymmetric workpieces such as spheres, cones, table legs or cups can be put into the desired shape. The lathe is perfect for woodturning enthusiasts, woodturners and commercial users. The speed can be varied depending on the material.

The MSW small lathe has a 400 watts electric engine. This engine has an ideal performance range to carry out a wide range of operations on wooden workpieces. It can process pieces up to a length of 101 centimetres, a working height of 17,5 centimetres and a diameter of 11,4 centimetres.

Depending on whether you work on soft wood such as fir or linden or on hard oak wood, the speed can be varied in four stages between 872 and 2.508 revolutions per minute.

Depending on the length of the workpiece, the carriage of the tailstock can be locked to a large, handy lever. Readjusting the tailstock tip is a quick fix. It is readjusted on a wheel with a crank on the extension of the tailstock spindle. A second lever holds the tailstock in the desired position after the fine adjustment.

The precise placement of the tool is particularly important for good work results. The tool table like the tailstock, is locked with a lever in the desired position. In order to ensure maximum flexibility, it is also possible to change the orientation of the tool table towards the workpiece. Another lever is available to fix the desired angle.

The clamping disc has a diameter of 114 millimetres. It is the force-transmitting element between the spindle and the workpiece. There are several thorns in its centre, for moving the workpiece with the rotation movement. The tailstock cone or mandrel is an abutment, which only runs along, but does not transmit power. For turning balls, bowls or cups, the workpiece gets attached to the clamping disc, without being additionally clamped in the tailstock. The lathe can easily achieve this.

It is not entirely safe to operate electrical machines, so safety precautions are particularly important. The lathe has a restart protection, which prevents operation after a power failure or after disconnecting. Before the operation is resumed, the power switch must be pressed again.




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War ehrlich vom Preis Leistungsverhältnis positiv überrascht, tolle Maschine, manche Schraubverbindungen müssen nachgezogen werden, manche Schlüssel sollte man in ordentlicher Qualität zur Hand haben,läuft sehr ruhig und konstant, sehr stabil, tolle Maschine, sehr empfehlenswert


Très bien merci beaucoup


Bon produit