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Toothed belt tool – compatible with VW – Audi – 2-valve V6 – 3 parts

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  • Professional–Tool set compatible with Audi 80, 90, A4, A6 1994-97 with 2-valve V6 engines
  • Precise—the shape of the tools is optimally matched to the engine elements and therefore easy to use
  • Practical—facilitates work on a variety of vehicle models
  • Durable—highly resilient tool material
  • Gentle–low wear and safe to use


Precise locking of the camshaft with the toothed belt tool from MSW

The three-part timing belt tool from MSW's craft equipment is a professional set for working on VW and Audi car engines with the engine codes ABC and AFC. The specially developed tools are used to lock camshafts of various car engines. The tool set is specially designed for professional workshops, but can also be useful in home garages.

Garage equipment for professional use

The toothed belt tool locks the camshaft reliably and safely to prevent it from twisting and to ensure that the toothed belt of different engines can be changed easily. The included fixing hook ensures a secure fit. This prevents any unwanted shifting from taking place while you are working on the engine in question. 

The use of other commercially available tools can damage parts of the automobile as well as injuring the user himself. With the timing belt tool from MSW, you can work with minimal wear and tear and protect yourself from injury. Due to the use of carbon steel, all components of the camshaft locking are particularly resistant and durable and can therefore be used permanently in every workshop.


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