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Model: MSW-MSB1000

Sheet Metal Bender - 1,000 mm

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  • Broad shaping capacity - allows you to shape metal up to 1,000 mm wide and 1.2 mm thick
  • Flexibility and precision - adjustable, maximum bending angle of 135 °
  • Set varying strengths - easy to use thanks to adjustment knobs
  • Stationary or mobile use - mount on the floor or in a vice
  • Safe and easy operation - two hand levers with non-slip rubber handles


Sheet Metal Bender - 1,000 mm

The sheet metal bender MSW-MSB1000 is a useful tool for manually bending sheet metal. The bender is equipped with adjustment screws, so you can bend sheet metal of various thicknesses. The tool requires stability in order to work as precisely as possible, which is why the sheet metal bender can be installed on the floor or clamped into a vice. The sheet metal bender is useful not only for professional and industrial manufacturing, but also for private use, for example for making models. The MSW product range includes high-quality and reliable tools and equipment for daily use in workshops and industry.