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Model: MSW-RC-280

Metal Bending Machine - electric - 28 mm bending thickness - 0 - 90

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  • Universal – thanks to reinforcement range from 16 - 28 mm
  • Powerful – thanks to 1300-1400 W powerful motor
  • Adjustable – bends from 0 - 90° freely selectable
  • Effective – bends structural steel in 5 - 6 s
  • Stable – robust and durable construction made of high-quality materials


The electric meatl bending machine for mild steel

The metal bending machine from the MSW hand tool range is the ideal tool for bending structural steel. The metal bending machine is an indispensable aid for producing special workpieces with large bends in your everyday work in the workshop, factory, or garage.

Professional bending machines from the MSW craft supplies range

Manually set the desired bending angle between 0 - 90°. The tube bending machine can process steel in a range of 16 - 28 mm precisely and quickly. It curves the material within 5 - 6 s.

Thanks to the 1300-1400 W powerful motor, you can work quickly and efficiently with the robust round bending machine.

Whether for installations, in the factory, in heating construction or as a do-it-yourselfer: Bend the respective steel as it is needed in the blink of an eye with the steel bending machine, made of solid materials. This is done with such gentle pressure that the workpieces are not damaged or broken.