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Model: MSW-ETT-BMW-105

Engine Timing Tool Kit - BMW - MINI - N47, N57 - 1.6, 2.0, 3.0D

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  • Universal – suitable for many vehicle models from BMW and MINI
  • Precise – tools are optimally matched to elements of N47/N57 BMW engines
  • Durable – carbon steel is highly robust and resilient with a long service life
  • Gentle – low wear and safe to use
  • Mobile – practical case for neat and safe storage


Brings engines back up to speed! The engine adjustment tool for professionals!

For repairing a diesel engine from BMW or MINI with the codes N47 and N57: With the engine adjustment tool from MSW, the experts for high-quality automotive tools, you can change and lock the camshaft or timing chain, replace the cylinder head gasket or perform other repairs.

The effective cam chain tool kit from MSW's professional tools collection

With the engine adjustment tool you can carry out even complicated work on various models from BMW and MINI. This professional tool is optimally adapted to the corresponding engine elements and is therefore easy to use. The locking tool kit guarantees the most efficient method for fixing and adjusting the engine. Working with other commercially available tools can damage engine parts as well as injure the user. The MSW tool set also has very low wear levels.

The high-quality tools included in the delivery include adjustment tools for camshafts, crankshafts, a timing chain tension lock and many other tools. The tools made of resistant and durable carbon steel will provide you with many years of faithful service and should therefore not be missing from any professional car workshop or ambitious hobby mechanic's garage!

And when you go to the customer with the camshaft timing tool kit or when it is not in use, you can simply store all the tools neatly and safely in the precisely-fitting recesses of the sturdy plastic transport case. This way you always have order in the workshop and everything at hand as soon as the tools are needed.

Suitable for the following BMW models:

  • 114d F20/21 1.6D (12-14)
  • 116d E81/82/87/88 (08-12) / F20/21 2.0D (11-13)
  • 118d E81/82/87/88 2.0D (07-14) / 118d F20/21 2.0D (11-13),
  • 120d 2.0D E81/82/87/88 (07-14) / 120d/xDrive F20/21 2.0D (11-13)
  • 123d E81/82/87/88 2.0D (07-14)
  • 125d F20/21 2.0D (12-13)
  • 316d E90/91/92/93 2.0D (09-12) / 316d F30/31 2.0D (12-13),
  • 318d E90/91/92/93 2.0D (07-12) / 318d F30/31 2.0D (12-13) / 318d F30/31 2.0D (12-13)
  • 320d E90/91/92/93 2.0D (07-12) / 320d/xDrive F30/31 2.0D (12-13) / 320d/Efficient Dynamics E90/91/92/93 2.0D (10-12)
  • 325d E90/91/92/93 3.0D (10-14)
  • 330d E90/91/92/93 3.0D (08-13) / 330d/xd E90/91/92/93 (08-14)
  • 520d E60/61 2.0D (07-10) / 520d F10/11 2.0D (10-13) / 520d/Efficient Dynamics F10/11 2.0D (11-13) / 520d/xDrive F10/11 2.0D (11-13)
  • 525d F10/11 3.0D (10-12)
  • 530d F10/11 3.0D (10-13) / 530d/xDrive F10/11 3.0D (11-13) / 530dGT F07 (09-12), 530d/xDrive GT F07 3.0D (09-12)
  • 535d F10/11 3.0D (10-12) / 535d/xDrive GT F07 3.0D (10-12) / 535d/xDrive F10/11 3.0D (11-13) / 535dGT F07 (10-12)
  • 640d/xDrive F12/13 3.0D (11-13),
  • 730d F01/02/04 3.0D (08-12), 730d/Ld F01/02/04 (08-12), 730d/xDrive F01/02/04 3.0D (09-12)
  • 740d F01/02/04 (09-12), 740d xDrive F01/02/04 (09-12)
  • M550d/xDrive F10/11 3.0D (12-13)
  • X1 E84 2.0D (09-13), X1 F84 2.0D (09-13), X1 sDrive 18d E84 (09-12), X1 sDrive 20d E84 (09-12), X1 xDrive 18d E84 (09-14), X1 xDrive 20d E84 (09-12), X1 xDrive 23d E84 (09-12),
  • X3 E83 2.0D (07-10), X3 F25 2.0D (11-13), X3 F25 3.0D (11-13), X3 xDrive 18d E83 (08-10), X3 xDrive 30d E83 (11-12)
  • X5 E70 3.0D (10-12), X5 xDrive 40d E70 (10-13)
  • X6 E71/72 3.0D (10-13), X6 xDrive 30d E71/72 (10-14), X6 xDrive 40d E71/72 (10-14)
as well as for MINI models:
  • Clubman (10-14)
  • Clubvan (12-14),
  • Countryman (10-14)
  • MINI (10-14)
  • Paceman (13-14)
  • Roadster (12-14)
and the following engine codes:
  • N47/N47S: C16K1, C16U1, C20K1, C20U1, D16, D20A, D20A/O0, D20A/0U0, D20B, D20C, D20C/K1, D20C/O1, D20C/U1, D20D/T0, D20D/T1, D20O0, D20O1, D20C/O1, D20T0, D20U0, SD20B/D/T0, TD20K1, TD20U1.
  • N57: D30A, D30A/O0, D30B/TO, D30C/S1, D30B/T0, D30O0, D30O1, D30TO, D30T0, D30UO, D30U0.