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Model: MSW-DRNB2

Double Head Metal Sheet Cutter for Drills

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  • Flexible—for straight, curved and round cuts
  • Simple—can be used with all standard drills
  • Powerful—cuts sheet metal, plastic and fibreglass up to 2 mm thick
  • Variable—two cutting heads
  • Ergonomic—convertible handle for right- and left-handed users


Turn your drill into a sheet metal cutter with the double head metal sheet cutter

The double head metal sheet cutter is used as an attachment for your power drill to cut sheet metal or panels of plastic and fibreglass. The double head metal sheet cutter cuts flat and corrugated copper, aluminium, steel and stainless steel sheets, as well as wood, with uniformly clean and burr-free edges. The flexible power tool attachment can cut materials in any desired shapes and delivers perfect results.

The nibbler cutter drill attachment cuts metal and plastic according to your specifications

The sheet metal nibbler drill attachment works easily and quickly through a wide variety of materials up to a material thickness of 2 mm and impresses with optimal results. Thanks to the variable 360° cutting direction, you can cut workpieces according to individual requirements. The cutting blade separates both flat and corrugated plates and can also be used for cutting pipes.

The sheet nibbler can be mounted on all commercially available drilling machines using the transmission rod. For a variable and flexible cut you can use the two cutting heads and attach the handle according to your requirements. This makes the device equally suitable for right- and left-handed users. With the sheet metal cutter drilling machine, round and straight cuts are easy and can be directly implemented, so that this professional tool can be used on the construction site as well as in the car workshop.