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Model: MSW-TB-400/25

Diamond Cutting Blade - 400

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  • Robust, high-quality stone saw bladefor cutting stones, ceramics, tiles, concrete and much more
  • Suitable for the stone saw S-SAW400 and other compatible circular saws
  • 3,2 mm thick steel construction with high stability
  • Segmented blade edge for quick and efficient results
  • Diameter: 400 mm | core diameter: 25,4 mm


Stone Saw Replacement Blade - 400

The MSW-TB-400/25 stone saw replacement blade from MSW is a high-quality accessory for professionally cutting stone, ceramic, tiles, concrete and much more. This is the ideal solution for any workshops that aim for precision and efficiency when sawing and cutting. Be it in construction, masonry or in ambitious private workshops, this blade is just as suitable.

Stone saws are a worker’s best friend

With this stone saw, you can cut and separate different materials with remarkable professionalism and precision. The high-quality cutting disc is fitted with a diamond coating, making it shine with its exceptionally high robustness and durability. Say hello to clean cuts, and goodbye to inconvenient burrs! Even the hardest materials are no match for this safe and efficient blade.

With a diameter of 400 mm mm and a core diameter of 25.4 mm, this stone saw is the ideal replacement blade for our powerful S-SAW400 stone saw. Additionally, this cutting disc can be used with any circular saw that has the appropriate parameters.

The saw’s outer edge has been designed in segmented blocks, thereby allowing you to effectively cut and separate materials at a high speed. Furthermore, this type of design helps reduce potential blade deformations, thus ensuring long durability and stability.

The stone saw was made of 3,2 mm mm thick steel, which guarantees its particularly high stability. This blade maintains its shape even after long-term use and, thanks to its diamond coating, it impresses with its high-quality results. Allow yourself to be impressed by the professionalism and efficiency of the stone saw replacement blade MSW-TB-400/25 from MSW.



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