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Model: MSW-DEH4050H

Dehumidifier - 50 l / 24 h - 40 - 65 m² - 628 m³/h - 7 L - with handle

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  • Effective – removes 50 l of liquid per day from rooms and collects it in a 7-L container
  • Powerful – circulates 628 m³ of air per hour for dehydration
  • Large area – suitable for rooms of 40 - 65 m².
  • Mobile – wheels and a comfortable handle for easy transport
  • Environmentally friendly – uses R290 coolant


Damp rooms are a thing of the past with the dehumidifier

Whether for new buildings or during renovation work: You will get dry walls with the dehumidifier from MSW. With the dehumidifier, you prevent mould from forming on damp walls, which would result in costly rework. In addition, you can start follow-up work such as plastering or painting much earlier thanks to your dry walls.

Simple, environmentally friendly & powerful! The dehumidifier from MSW

With continuous operation, the dehumidifier removes up to 50 litres of moisture per day that would otherwise accumulate in the walls. The unit circulates up to 628 m³/h of air and cools it with the help of the powerful 860 W compressor. For this purpose, the unit uses the coolant R290, which is extremely environmentally friendly. The condensed liquid is collected in a 7 L container. The room dehumidifier is perfectly suitable for 40 - 65 m² areas.

The industrial dehumidifier is equipped with an LED display that you can set and check all the required values. Use with a 24 h timer. In addition, the building dryer has an automatic switch-off function. The integrated defrost function allows you to dehumidify down to 5 °C. In addition, the unit starts automatically if the humidity in the room is too high. A sensor display informs you of errors so that you can react appropriately. You can easily remove the built-in air filter and wash it for repeated use.

Want to move the unit? You can do this easily and comfortably with the wheels and practical handle. This makes the commercial dehumidifier suitable for larger construction sites or drying several rooms.